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Meet the Team


Deb Gouedy


Nurse, organic farmer, mother, and skateboarder, Deb helped co-found Harmony Skate Project with the vision to improve and support the Hammond Dreamland Skate Park. Bringing people together and developing their strengths motivates her commitment.

Drew McKee


Our youngest member, co-founder, and driving force behind Harmony Skate Project's onset Drew strives to enhance the Hammond Dreamland Skate Park by developing a family friendly atmosphere. She wishes to see not only the park but the community grow as well.

Luanne Billingsley


Associate Professor, grandmother, and innovator, Luanne has been with since our founding. She brings a wealth of experience and skills to the forefront in helping this organization succeed, hoping to support and better our community.


Ty Rivera

Board Member

Tattoo artist and False Teeth Skateboarder Ty has been with us since our founding, combining his innate creativity with his deep love for the Hammond Dreamland Skate Park. He strives to give the gift of skateboarding to future generations.

Ryan Hughes

Board Member

A founding member and long time contributor to his community, Ryan uses his unique skills and passion to move the work of Harmony Skate Project forward. He is always pushing us to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our park.

Brent Coker

Board Member

Helping and supporting others defines Brent.  As one of our founding members, he brings a lifetime of skateboarding experience and deep desire to give back to the table.  His commitment and positive energy inspire the rest of us!


Jason Gouedy

Board Member

His many unique skills make this founding member an asset to our organization.  Jason uses his experience and unique viewpoint to benefit our team.

Jesse Gouedy

Board Member

Lifelong skateboarding and a focus on media combine in this founding member to support our team's mission.  Jesse focuses his unique skill set to make the dream a reality.

Craig Sterling

Board Member

Dedicated, hardworking and with a deep love of skateboarding, Craig keeps our team directed and focused. As a reliable fount of positive energy, he has been instrumental in our organizational success.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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